Sights and Sights

Regensburg is an old city full of breathtaking sights. The number of these places is too large to list here. We would like to offer you here a selection of the most important sights. You will find a link to a route description for each place of interest.

Have fun exploring!

Dom St. Peter

Regensburg Cathedral is one of the most important Gothic cathedrals in Germany, alongside Cologne Cathedral.

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Steinerne Brücke

The Steinerne Brücke is one of the oldest preserved bridges in Germany.

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Near Regensburg, the Walhalla rises above the Danube. One of the most important German national monuments of the 19th century. Commission of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. 1825 - 1848

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The Danube breakthrough "Weltenburger Enge" is a unique natural spectacle. Also visit the famous monastery.

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The memorial commissioned by King Ludwig I for the victorious battles against Napoleon 1813 - 1815.

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